2013 overview

I started this discussion of the Sample Return Robot (SRR) Centennial Challenge in mid-September 2012. That was a first pass to basically dump the various thoughts from the fall of 2011 when I first heard about the SRR and September 2012. Some material was added during late 2012 but updating trailed off once I decided to enter the 2013 challenge. My blog contains some comments about the process of preparing for the challenge and the actual event.

I heard at the challenge that other teams had read this material. One of the Judges of the challenge mentioned my analysis of searching the area, although he was not aware it was my work.

The material still is in rough shape as I have not had the time to improve it or check the material. I prefer to share the rough draft and polish it as I have time. Time may be limited since I intend to compete in 2014, assuming the challenge is repeated. I expect it will because people from WPI and NASA both asked if I would be back next year.

Some of the pages in the TOC may be empty. They are placeholders for material I expect to or should write.