2016 NASA Space Robotics Challenge

NASA Valkyrie at Johnson Space Center

The NASA Space Robotics Challenge started in 2016 and ended in 2017. The scenario was a humanoid robot, the NASA Valkyrie, on Mars. The situation was similar to the movie The Martian.

A communications dish, solar panels, and a habitat are present along with the robot. A storm misaligned the satellite dish, disrupted solar power, and caused leaks in the habitat. The challenge was to have the robot walk through the area realigning the dish. Then proceeding to open a "briefcase" to expose a solar panel and plug a cable into the distribution system. The final task was to climb stairs to the habitat, find and patch the leak.

The first phase was an elimination round consisting of walking to a door, pressing a button to open the door and then walk through the door. Also to watch a control panel and report the location and colors of lights and panels. Twenty teams, including Mystic, advanced to the final round.

The video playlist is taken from my entry to the competition. Additional pictures are on another page.

The code for this challenge is in GitLab. There are many dependencies that will keep if from building so it is only for study.

One layout of the components for the SRC competition. Each run was laid out differently.