Google New Sites Conversion

On 14 October 2020 I converted the site to the new Google Sites which are almost alpha release level in capabilities. That makes the site a little scattered looking. For instance, the table of contents pages for the SRR pages don't have the page links from the previous site. They didn't convert. I'll play around with this new version to make things work better.

Ultimately I have to decide whether to even keep the site.

I use the blog for more current information and also publishing a bit on Medium.

Original From Here

Welcome to Mystic Lake Software. This homepage is a portal to my various activities as listed on the sidebar. I don't go into many details on this page since that would only repeat the information on the more detailed pages.

The current activity - I intermittently rotate through which is my main focus - is robotics. Since last September I've been participating in the NASA Space Robotics Challenge qualifying round. That ends on January 21, 2017, which is tomorrow as I write this. I'll begin writing about it here and in the blog, shortly. The previous major activity was an analysis and discussion of the NASA Sample Return Robot Centennial Challenge.

Ham Radio is a continuing activity, especially communications for incidents. Incidents may include public service events or emergencies.