Mystic Lake software

Welcome to Mystic Lake Software. This homepage is a portal to my various activities as listed on the sidebar menu. I don't go into many details on this page since that would only repeat the information on the more detailed pages. A good starting point is the About Me page which outlines my career and, hopefully, provides credibility in what I've written. I also have a blog where I've discussed some of the robotics work along with other topics.

My main purpose is to provide information for others on C++ and robotics. I'm a professional software developer and an amateur roboticist. The site has been dormant for a few years but I'm resurrecting it to provide more information on robotics.

Why Mystic Lake Software?

When I retired I had some hope of doing some contract or consulting work. I created a DBA Mystic Lake Software as the entity for that work. The name comes from a pond called Mystic Lake that was behind my house. I felt that mystic provided the aura that reflects how many people view software.


This site uses Google Sites. A conversion to a new version of sites basically messed up many internal links. I'm working through getting the older material fixed.